Good Golly Miss Maui - 100% Maui Prime
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Good Golly Miss Maui - 100% Maui Prime

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Our Maui Prime is a Yellow Caturra which produces a Mild and Clean cup of coffee with a slight coco flavor and that distinctive Hawaiian sweetness. 

 The only commercially grown coffee in the United States of America is also found in its most remote state, the group of islands collectively known as Hawaii, which joined the union in 1959 as the last incorporated state. Its history with coffee goes back much further, however: The first plants were brought to O’ahu in 1813, though sugar far outshone coffee as an agricultural output for the farmers. In the late 1820s, Bourbon variety coffees were brought to the Big Island, and the next decade saw the establishment of the first coffee-focused estates.

Coffee, like wine, comes with a host of conflicting information: Does price equate to quality, or not? The answer is complicated, and coffees from Hawaii are no exception: Certainly there are beautiful (if fairly mild) cups to be had from the islands, and innovations in processing techniques and attention to detail have done wonders for bringing truly fine Hawaiian coffees to market. However, as the only coffee grown in a developed nation—as such, protected by American labor and wage regulations—and in such small supply due to the limited available farmland, coffees from this island state are naturally going to come with a heftier price tag than others.

Most lovers of Hawaiian coffees love their balanced, mild and clean profile, that classic Bourbon sweetness. Perhaps the soft nutty flavor recalls mornings spent on a honeymoon in an island breeze. 

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