Tea Cellar Tea

Tea Cellar was borne out of a passion for tea and a desire to serve and love people.

I grew up with “tea time” in my grandparents’ home in Aplington, Iowa. Even as a little girl of 4 or 5, I can remember pulling my chair up to the table, grandma (“Oma” in German) taking the glass teapot off the stove and straining the tea into my and Opa’s cups. Of course, I added cream and sugar to make it more tasty, but the memory is etched in my mind. Good memories. Memories where the TV was off. No cell phones existed. Just conversation and laughter and maybe even an opinion or two regarding world affairs.


It’s all in an effort to love the tea drinkers in our area, to introduce tea to non-tea drinkers, and to capture a time that some of us–especially me–have long forgotten.