Tea Pigs - tung ting oolong tea
Tea Pigs

Tea Pigs - tung ting oolong tea

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between green and black - An amazing tea which everyone should try, drink without milk - it's incredible!

Stand tall, chest out, rise above those regular tea drinkers, for you have chosen a tea of champions. Oolong is a part-fermented tea which means it sits between green tea and black tea in strength and flavor. So much more than a half-way house, this tea should be savored. Taiwan is the home of great oolong teas, and the Tung Ting mountain is where this standout oolong is produced. An complex fruity taste over a smooth, mellow, green-tea-like base. Enjoy, then tell your mates – ‘I am an oolong drinker!’ and be proud.

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